2048 Merge Blocks Puzzle

Ararat Games
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DeveloperArarat Games
Update Time2021-11-12
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Welcome to the 2048 Merge Blocks Puzzle - addictive drag n merge numbers blocks puzzle! Your objective in 2048 Merge Blocks Puzzle game is to merge & join blocks with same number to reach 2048 tile. For example, if you stack number blocks 2 and 2, they multiply by x2 block and instead of them appears a 4 block. If 4 and 4 blocks join, they are multiplying by 2 as well and instead of the appears a 8 block. When touching one of the sides, x blocks with the same number dissapear. Instead of them, a block with a greater numerical value appears on the field. Start with 2, then x2 block to reach 4, x2 block again to reach 8 and further, up to the block with number 2048. The merge number block puzzle game is very challenging as it getting harder with large numbers: 1024 -> 2048 -> 4096 and so on. At the bottom of the screen, one by one appear different blocks to stack with numbers. Why you'll love playing 2048 Merge Blocks Puzzle - drag n merge numbers blocks puzzle game: - User-friendly game animation and beautiful merge number blocks puzzle game design; - Simple game controls and rules; - Competitions and tournaments in merge number blocks puzzle game with players all around the world, as well as with friends; - Automatic number puzzle game saving; - No Wi-Fi connection required; - Haptic game feedback; - No time limits. If you like number puzzle games than 2048 Merge Blocks Puzzle drag n merge numbers blocks puzzle game is definitely your choise! So, what are you waiting for? Play free 2048 Merge Blocks Puzzle game - best brain puzzle game for adults, merge & join blocks, stack numbers and have fun!
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