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DeveloperEUGIBO Studio
Update Time2022-01-27
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Do you like listening to ASMR sounds? Then the ASMR sounds app is what you need! Sounds for Sleep. ASMR Sounds. This is an application with a huge number of ASMR sounds to listen to. This is not a game, this is an application with a set of sounds, for relaxation and tingling. With this application, you can listen to exactly those ASMR sounds that you like the most. With the ASMR Triggers app, you become an ASMR artist yourself. You yourself use the combinations that you like best, you can combine tapping with scratching, or brushes with butterflies, any combination you like. Our ASMR app includes over 100 of the most famous triggers, no talking ASMR. Basic ASMR sounds: - Fluttering sounds - Brushes sounds - Tapping sounds - Scratching sounds - Hands Sounds - Massage Sounds - Hair Wash sounds - Rustle (Crinkle Sounds) - Mouth Sounds - Soap Carving sounds - Stroking sounds - Slime sounds - Scissors sounds - Spray sounds And others… Our collection of ASMR triggers is one of the best to help you relax, enjoy meditation, or sleep. Do you know why more and more ASMR fans appear? Because this phenomenon really helps to relax, helps to overcome insomnia (ASMR for sleep), promotes immersion in a meditative state, and just get pleasant tingling sensations (goosebumps) from your favorite sounds. The ASMR Triggers application has two sections: Section 1 - all triggers (large list), which you can turn on several sounds simultaneously, or one by one. You can adjust the volume of each sound, as well as the duration of each sound (timer). Section 2 - triggers that you can listen to in random order and several sounds at the same time are collected in categories. There are also volume settings. We hope you enjoy our app and give you goosebumps from the ASMR triggers that you love so much.
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