Crush into ball: Asmr Smash 3D

Pixeland OU
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DeveloperPixeland OU
Update Time2023-05-19
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ASMR Games - Smash it all! But be careful don't smash the wrong color! Time to smash & play! This is Crush into a ball, and it’s specifically designed to relieve your stress and keep you entertained by crashing random objects. Will it Crush? Play in a boring class or meeting. Free to play. As the hydraulic pushdown, watch the object be blasted into smithereens. It’s so relaxing you won’t believe it. And fun too. See how each item falls apart under the power of your master contraption. Crush cans, fruits, vegetables, phones and more for fun. Move through the levels to unlock more objects for a truly smashing time. You will crush: - bottles - corn cobs - toy cars - alarm clocks - a whole toilet - Russian nesting dolls - a whole computer - phone and much more! Crush into ball is a relaxing game where the player can smash, hit and grind any selected objects. Put any object in the mortar and crush it into the sand. The mortar and pestle is a satisfying ASMR game. How well does it feel to operate a powerful hydraulic press? What exactly happens to bottles when you slowly crush it? What can you do in this game? Did you know - what is the best way to relieve stress and anxiety? Download and play our super smash game for FREE. Collect coins after beating. Take a picture of your work and share it. Play this game whenever and wherever you want! Smash diamonds and glass. Great sounds effects and ambient music. One endlessly large level. Journey through an amazing world and smash your way to victory in this top new hit. Smash, crush, grind them to pieces and do not forget to enjoy doing it all. Crush into ball is a very relaxation game for everyone. Smash your way through a beautiful futuristic dimension, smashing obstacles and targets in your path and experiencing the best destruction physics on our Games.
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