Hollo Bar: Bump Arcade Game

Funtory Studio
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DeveloperFuntory Studio
Update Time2021-07-26
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Hollo Bar is a challenging Hole Ball Arcade Game, the moment you give it a try, can hooked you for hours and it turn into your next addiction. There is a fun, exiting universe! Hole, color blocks and ball are here. Full of fun and unexpected challenges. Come and meet the challenges and finish the winning line without touching any obstacles! Imagine you are a blackhole, your mission is to protect the ball form bumping to obstacles. Eat the colorful block buildings and obstacles in order to clean the road for the ball. You need to be sure which you are avoiding yourself from obstacles and saving your ball while is bumping forward. Hollo Bar is a one finger swipe control game, the hole control is easy but hard to set high score and be master. The more you sallow the obstacles and color blocks, the more score you can get. Lots of amazing new different levels and limitless fun, can you be the master of this challenging game? How to play Hollo Bar: • Swallow color blocks and different obstacles • Don't let the ball hit obstacles • Enjoy Hollo Bar with lots of different fun and challenging levels • Don't forget to turn on music while playing the game. If you are looking for the best color hole ball game, don’t miss the Hollo Bar! Challenge your friends to play the game to see who is the best! In Hollo Bar, there are a variety of skins and holes, which you can buy with the coins that you have collected. Features: • Free to play! • Easy to play hard to master. • Starts easy! Gets harder at each level! • Different attractive environment. • One finger control gameplay. • No WIFI, no problem, Hollo Bar is an Offline game. Hollo Bar is a fun, challenging hole ball game! What are you waiting for, download it for free and get ready to build your new addiction.
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