Rogue Adventure: Roguelike RPG

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DeveloperSharkLab Mobile
Update Time2023-06-24
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Welcome to Rogue Adventure – the ultimate RPG card game. Combine powerful cards, classes and epic skills to build the ultimate deck of cards to slay and conquer your enemies! Play through the single player adventure or fight other players in a weekly card war showdown. ⭐ Played by millions across the globe ⭐ Discover an incredible fusion of turn-based, deck building games, card battle game, ccg, rpg adventure games and roguelike rpg, with retro style pixel graphics. ⚔️ FIGHT WITHOUT FEAR Explore unique worlds, each with unique enemies and dangers, defeat all the bosses to become a hero and have dominion over the game. Collect hundreds of fantastic cards and powerful skills to build your awesome deck of cards. Unlock new classes to try different strategies and have unlimited fun. Discover and navigate through dungeons and exotic worlds in this fantasy strategic card game. 🕐 INFINITE REPLAYABILITY Choose your own path, slay monsters, elites, bosses, find merchants, upgrade your skills and come up with your perfect card deck building & ccg strategy. Then start all over again! 🏹 CLASSES VARIETY Choose between 12 unique classes: warrior, assassin, paladin, wizard, necromancer, shaman, ranger, druid, engineer, barbarian, pirate or runemaster and 3 different modes: Classic, Hell, Void. 🔮 HIGHLIGHTS - 100% FREE, No paywalls - Fast paced combat, easy to pick up and play at any time. - One of the best rpg card fighting games - Card battle against others in weekly tournaments. - Hundreds of cards to create incredible combos and your own unique deck of cards. - Dozens of skills, to build your card game strategy and create a perfect deck. - Every class has its own exclusive abilities and starting cards! - Travel through dangerous worlds, each with its own unique challenges. HUNDREDS of bosses to defeat - Best mix of deck builder, rogue like, adventure RPG and CCG in one of the most unique rpg card games. 🤝 JOIN OUR COMMUNITY Discord: 🗡 IT’S TIME TO ADVENTURE Download Rogue Adventure today. Join millions and experience the leading adventure RPG card game available on Android.
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