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Update Time2023-07-07
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The classical Solitaire you played on computer, now you can play it on your phone! You will see all the classical elements but with more new features, such as a time reminder which is designed for helping users to manage their time on this game. We know it's fun, but don't get too addicted! Now, get your brain exercise and dive into the new mobile Solitaire with all the beautiful backgrounds of your choice! Features: + Multiple language choices + Can choose whether one or three cards are drawn from the deck at a time + Can Choose playing by left hand or right hand + Multiple choice backgrounds and cards with different face styles. + Click & Draw function, when you click on one card, it can automatic move to the right place + HINT can guide to move next + Auto save incomplete game + Unlimited UNDO + Can be timed for additional points if the game is won.
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