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Spinner Empire Game Introduction: Spinner Empire is developed based on the inspiration of the folk and popular game - Fidget Spinner or Dimple Spinner or Wheel Spinner or Color Spinner in the world…, which we played it much time in children hood. However, with our innovation in this game, we drawn color spinners perfectly and bring players to have experiences into the beautiful 3D world with colorful 3D models, animations and virtual effects. Playing this game, players not only remember the children hood memories but also have the different experiences in our innovative world that they cannot get from the traditional game. The game is also added some contents and various types of items including 1 item to increase damage, 1 item to increase defense, 1 item to increase blood, 5 items to earn coins, scores and 2 virus items that deduct blood and scores…. And 1 special item that is generated when one spinner dies. This item can increase a large amount of blood and earn one Gem. Spinner Empire game has 2 playing modes including Death Match and Rank Battle. In Death Match mode, players will defeat other spinners and survive to the end of game to become the winner. In order to do this, players should have the tactics and strategies when playing the game. It is a great and fun way to train the brain. They have to constantly find a way to win or find smart solutions to the challenges. It boosts cognitive skills as players have to be logical in every step. While in Rank Battle mode, players will try to collect items to get scores as well as obtain the highest rank on the ranking board in the game. This mode makes the competition between the players and make them feeling of relaxing and regaining their power after the stressful working hours. How To Play: - Spinner has 3 skills: Collision, shoot and speed up to attack and defeat other spinners. - Players use the joystick to move spinner, the button to shoot and the button to increase speed. - Player try to eat items in a game to get score/ coin/ gem...and bottles to increase attack, defense and blood during the game. - Players will receive amount of bonus coins if they can win in Death Match mode or get the high rank in Rank Battle mode. - Players use coins and gems to upgrade their spinner skills such as attack, defense and blood. And they also buy new spinners or cannons that have different skills. About Us: XRMagic team is and will be loyal to the principle of promoting cultures, education and player’s experiences in our games. In our thinking, playing games are similar with reading books or watching movies or visiting museums. It is not only to have fun and release stress but also to learn new things and discover the beautiful worlds of games. The purpose of our team is not only to develop the interesting and attractive games, but also through our games, players have experiences with folk games and traditional cultures around the world. And Spinner Empire is developed based on the inspiration of the folk and popular game - Fidget Spinner or Dimple Spinner or Wheel Spinner or Color Spinner in the world.
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