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Update Time2023-07-03
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Cards, the Universe and Everything (CUE) is the ultimate CCG where you collect and trade thousands of cards and battle them in epic games. It’s about everything! - Card duels: Pug vs Loki, who would win that fight? - Strategy: Would the legendary T-Rex outwit the magic of Houdini? - Collect & fight: Napoleon vs the iconic Sphinx! Play cards, build decks, trade and battle in a turn based strategy combat card game where abilities, strategic decks and combos will help you become a champion. CUE is a totally unique trading card game. Collect and trade to build the ultimate battle decks with almost limitless things: Bears, Dinosaurs, Nebulae, Zeus, Houdini, Samurai, Pika, the Sun, legend Isaac Newton, Volcanoes, Kings & Queens, Calculus and so much more! Collect cards with historical characters, animals and objects from our reality! Collect and battle cards with unique abilities, then level up decks with new cards and duel against players from around the world in CUE’s iconic arenas! Battle decks in Space, History, Life on Land, Palaeontology and Science levels. Use RPG strategy to prove your card deck is the best. Card collecting has never been so fun! Card trivia teaches you facts on loads of subjects - Science, Space, Arts & Culture, Palaeontology, History, even characters from legend, mythology, fantasy and, well, pretty much everything. It’s perfect if you like quizzes, trivia and unbelievable facts combined with clever gameplay. Play cards with friends online! Use your best battle decks and strategy to duel friends. Players can participate in weekly CUE Leagues and events with friends or solo! Trade cards with anyone and receive new cards for FREE in a safe environment. Game rewards, trophies and epic new collectables await - climb the leaderboard to win big in-game prizes. Card duels and matches give daily free rewards. Card collectors, are you ready to build your CUE card collection and earn new cards to beat the competition? Download CUE Cards and start card collecting to create amazing battle decks in this epic TCG RPG! CUE CARDS FEATURES: TCG Card Decks: - Battle decks: Create using a range of epic CUE cards with magic abilities inspired by the real world, Full of facts & trivia on everything: Science, Tech, Engineering, Math, General Knowledge & more -Try your hand at deck building & play cards to create powerful, devastating combos! Battle cards in CUE Arenas - Collect cards & battle against other players to become a champion - Includes Space, History, Life on Land, Science & Palaeontology and more Play with Friends - Build battle decks to duel friends in epic action packed weekly PvP CUE Leagues and events - Trade cards for FREE in a safe environment Game Rewards to Earn: - Play daily to earn FREE unique rewards & build your CUE card collection - Collect trophies & climb the leaderboard to win big in-game prizes Weekly Events - Tiles include: Animation Showdown, Thirst for Adventure, Magic Get Together and Hearth Zone. Accolades: - Winner of three UK App Awards: “Best Game”, “Best Indie Game” and “Education App of the Year” - “A solid, accessible, well-balanced card battler that anyone can dive into and enjoy” - Gamezebo - “CUE Cards boasts a winning combination of gentle humor and eclectic trivia. It's suitable for educating kids and amusing adults – or amusing kids and educating adults, for that matter.” - Droid Gamers So If you love CCG or TCG games and are crazy for online PvP card games, then CUE Cards is the perfect challenge. It combines all the features you love including FREE card trading and crafting, 3000+ collectables, it’s clever, strategic, completely unique and is packed full of fun facts and trivia Phew. That’s a *lot* of hard sell. We’re going for a lie down.
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